How To Guides

Setting up Your Aquarium (All freshwater fish)

There are a few points to consider before making an investment into the hobby of keeping African Cichlids. Keeping these fish should not be too difficult nor impossible for the beginner but a little planning ahead has never hurt anybody! Below you can find a list of things to consider which can help you in the long run and hopefully you will be so in love with your new hobby and fish that you just can’t stop! Click on the image below to find more info on setting up your own aquarium.


Cycling and Adding Fish (All freshwater fish)

It’s time to think about your grand design idea! Be as creative as you like with placing your decorations and the colour of your sand! In other words set up the tank of your dreams. You can of course add decors as you go through your cycling process but I prefer to have as much of it as possible set in the tank before I start. Turning harmful Ammonia and Nitrite to less harmful Nitrate (known as the Nitrogen Cycle) however, the major source for these wonder bacteria is your filter. Click the image below to find out more about cycling your tank.


Diseases and Treatment (All freshwater fish)

Unfortunately like all other living things fish are prone to disease through parasites and infections and it is up to us as their keepers to identify and offer the correct treatment to give them the best chance of recovery. Naturally some fish are more tolerant than others but knowing what signs to look for can prove vital in the fishes survival. Click the image below for info on common diseases and how to treat them.


Feeding and Diet (All freshwater fish)

Feeding your fish and watching them eat is probably the most enjoyable part of fish keeping. This is the perfect opportunity to observe their natural behaviour. Overfeeding and underfeeding can have long term negative affects on your fish so knowing the correct amount of food required and what to feed will go a long way in ensuring their long term health. Click the image below for more information about feeding.


Quarantine Process

Although it may seem like a lot of effort and money for an unnecessary process, having a spare tank cycled and ready to use as a hospital or quarantine tank can go a long way to stopping disease being introduced in your tank when buying new fish and isolating any ill fish in the main tank to treat. It is not a feasible option for many but if you have the means to set one up it is very useful to have. Click the image below to read more about the quarantine process.