Siamese Fighter Fish (Betta)


Betta splendens / Siamese Fighting Fish

Difficulty: Beginner

One of the best known and oldest kept fish in the aquarium trade is the Siamese Fighting fish or the Betta. They are stunningly colourful and have beautiful long fins making them popular for fish keepers. They are also easy to care for so most people start with one of these fish. They are related to the Guppy and are peaceful to other community fish making them a great addition to a community set up. 2 Male Bettas should NEVER be kept in the same tank as they will fight to the death. In fact avoid any fish with a similar appearance and long fins. Females of this species are more tolerant to each other but should be kept in groups of 6-7 because they still show aggression. A huge variety of colours are available today such as: Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple although only Males will show these with the females appearing dull in comparison.

The best way to keep these fish is a single Male specimen in a tank on it’s own or in a community tank with other fish such as Platies, Neon and Cardinal Tetras, Cory catfish and other peaceful tank mates.
They are often kept on their own thus the tiny tanks you find them in but this is cruel because you will not be able to provide adequate space and filtration for them to thrive. They prefer gentle moving water as they are not strong swimmers and don’t require huge tanks as long as they are filtered properly. Occasionally they come to the surface to breath a unique behaviour of the Betta fish but they are also skilled jumpers so the tank should be covered.


Size: 7cm/2.8inches // Temperature: 24C’-30C’

PH: 6-8 // Aquarium Size: 9ImperialGallons (40L) for a single male, if keeping with other fish a minimum of 60L should be considered.

Difficulty: Beginner